bringing the bounce to

a wider audience...

Mr M Bouncy Castles are available for bigger events such as fetes, festivals, fairs, corporate events, fun runs and more.

Our team are able to provide a truly memorable experience for all your visitors with our hand-picked selection of entertainment. These include some big slides, play centres and extra big standard castles.

public event bundle

Our biggest bouncy castle (Big Stripey)  -  20ft x 25ft

Our massive cartoon slide  -  20ft x 12ft

Our double Brighton Slide  -  25ft x 20ft

Our Beach Themed Playzone  -  21ft x 22.7ft

We can also provide you with our popular GARDEN GAMES as well as our VICTORIAN PINK & WHITE CANDY CARTS, stocked with a variety of confectionery


We can operate all of our equipment for you at your event.

Rather than you paying a hire charge, we can either pay a pitch fee or make a charity donation. (Donations are subject to event size, weather and turnout)

We are also able to supply your event with Bungee Trampolines are fairground rides. (subject to availability)

interested in our public events hire

If you're interested in our public events hire or simply want to

find out what we can do for your event, please don't hesitate call us today 

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