Your questions answered...

We have listed here a list of our commonly asked questions and the answers we give.

If your question is not below feel free to contact us with your enquiry.

Can I have my inflatable delivered early?

Yes but make sure you are set to go.

Can I have my inflatable until late?

Yes within reason and weather conditions we work with our customers.

Never had an inflatable bit worried what to do?

We will never leave till your happy and you have our telephone numbers to reach us on. If your not sure don’t wait till its collection time to call.

Does the fan have to run all the time?

Yes, no air no fun.

Not sure what castle to have?

Give us a call and we can talk you through some suitable options.

Will the inflatable fit in my venue/garden?

We have a free garden measure service which we highly recommend you use. This will let you know if our inflatables will fit in your venue/garden.

The weather conditions look highly likely to be poor?

We monitor the weather prior to deliveries. We will call you to discuss, as if it is bad weather conditions due to health & safety the inflatables will not be able to be used.

Can I have my castle in a public place?

If you require an inflatable at your public event this can be arranged however the castle will need to be run by MR M Bouncy Castle operators.

I have a last-minute booking?

Give us a call. We will always do our best to accommodate you, however this will be based on availability.

My castle needs to be set up in a communal area?

Please insure you have permission, full name etc, in writing to cover yourself.

Do you charge for deliveries within the congestion zone?

Yes, If you require delivey within congestion charge zone, a £20 charge will be added to your bill before 6pm and a £10 charge will be added after 6pm.